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Mortgages and Credits Specialist

Buying a home is an exciting step in your life, but the process of shopping for a mortgage can be complicated and confusing. Mortgage specialists are loan officers or brokers who help home buyers compare available mortgages and educate them about what to expect from each type of loan. A skilled mortgage specialist can help a borrower make a responsible financial decision by providing guidance and expert knowledge.

There are two major types of mortgage specialists. The first group...


we are investment specialists:

What we can do for you:
Explain stock market terms or trading practices to clients.
Offer advice on the purchase or sale of particular securities.
Record transactions accurately, and keep clients informed about transactions.
Prepare documents needed to implement plans selected by clients.
Review financial periodicals, stock and bond reports, business publications, or other material to identify potential investments for...

Gestor de Patrimonios Inmobiliarios

La Gestión y Administración de Patrimonios Inmobiliarios en Grupo Selamina, Selamina Properties se basa en una completa gama de servicios personalizados que dinamizan y optimizan la gestión de los activos inmobiliarios con el objetivo de maximizar la rentabilidad de los mismos.

La dinámica actuación de Selamina Properties, Gestión de Patrimonios, aporta un importante valor añadido, tanto para los Propietarios, con una optimización de la rentabilidad de sus carteras de inmuebles, como...

FIselamina Advisor

Investment selamina graduados in Economics, specializing in Finance, and has spent most of his career in Investment Banking and High Net Worth Private Banking. He is a qualified financial advisor, specializing in asset allocation and investment strategies. Investment selamina worked in London’s financial district for blue chip investment houses and international private banks for over twelve years, including Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch, before establishing a successful international...

Alternative investment Specialist

Liquid Investments, The Alternative Investments Specialist
Liquid provides global investment solutions enabling institutional and private investors to accumulate wealth through safe and secure alternative assets in emerging markets. By applying multiple layers of diversification – concurrently by asset class, currency, geopolitics, products and commodity, our experienced team of investment specialists are able to minimize any country based or external risk factors, while generating...


Insurance specialist: we are a full-service benefits broker servicing clients in spain. We pride ourselves in providing unmatched customer services to clients in nearly any industry. Our clients range in size from individuals up to companies. No matter the size, our goal is to provide the best insurance plans to fit your needs.

We work with Allianz insurance carriers, to provide customized benefit strategies that optimize your organization’s human capital, employee satisfaction and...

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Finance & Investment Selamina

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