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Advise: Avoid Scams of HYIP´s

High yield investment and hyip programs are scams


Earn money online with high yield Investment Programs 

You are asking, how to profit from high yield Investment  programs, when 99% of high yield investment programs will become scams in their lifespan. HYIP programs, are known to become ponzi schemes in the end, when the cash-flow of investor dries up. This is the reality of most of theses high yield programs. You have to use diligence from distinguishing the scams from the legit ones, in most cases too good promises are unrealistic. This is why, I only review legit programs, that are paying, and also are quite sustainable in the long term for investors. Now, I will showcase some strategies that can optimize your earnings from hyip programs, and reduce your risk of losing your hard earned cash.

1. Avoid get rich quick schemes.

Some hyip programs, you can already tell are unbelievably impossible to profit, such as 800% in 10 minutes, 300% in a year, 3000% in a year!  As you should know, legit sites never pay out more than they profit. 

2. Don't compound unless you are in profit.

I think this is where most people lose their money from hyip programs. They are too sucked in to the admin pitches to keep reinvesting, that by the time they shut down, you have gained $0! It is great you could have doubled or tripled your investment, if you could withdraw your remaining, amount, but the bottom line is the hyip program has paid you nothing! My advice is to, withdraw your principal you invested as soon as possible, and then you decide if you want to compound, factoring in the probability of the site surviving.

3. Join daily plans if possible.

I think this is a very important step, for short term hyips, as suggested with the name, because these programs life span are so minimal, you have to minimize the time to make a profit. As always, you get a much better plan when invested for a set amount of time without withdraw, but your risk of return is much greater. A daily plan is ideal, as you still can earn a decent return, while minimizing your risk if it goes scams before the first hyip cycle. Let's say a site pays 140% in 10 days, or earn 12% daily for 10 days. While you will earn 20% less if the sites pays the 12 days, you at least can recover your principal is 10 days. If the site scams before then, at least you get something back, instead of earning nothing!

Investing in hyip and high yield investment programs are definitely risky, and I hope these tips will help maximize your earnings in hyip. Remember, that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose, and definitely try to find quality sites that have a professional design, script and admin if possible.

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